Tips For Keeping The Cleanest Environment You Can

Cleaning is often a time consuming and thankless undertaking.  In a lot of situations, it seems that as soon as you complete the cleaning task it is time to clean again.  This is why many people hire professional maid service houston tx

Hand and eye protection

Working with harsh chemicals it is a good idea to make sure that you are wearing hand and eye protection.  With gloves and glasses, you are protecting your skin from chemical irritation.  With eye protection you are protecting your eyes from accidently wiping your eyes with the chemical covered gloves as well as any possible splash back you may receive.

Natural cleaners

Water and vinegar are possibly the nest natural chemicals you can use in your cleaning endeavors.  Using lemon, lime and citrus in conjunction with your vinegar and water are also good suggestions.  When using these natural cleaners, you don’t have to worry about chemical splash back and burns.

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Dusting is the process of removing dead skin cells and dirt from the environment.  Typically, we will use a feather duster or some type of feathered device that will collect the dust.  These devices are okay but have really become outdated.  When dusting, you will get the best results using a damp cloth.  With a damp cloth you are creating a chemical bond between the dirt and the cloth.  As you move the cloth over the dirt it is deposited on the cloth removing it from the environment.  

When you complete wiping down the surface with the wet rag you want to follow up with a dry rag or towel.  Doing this will remove any excess dirt as well as remove any other particles that may have been deposited. 

Following these practices and keeping up with a scheduled routine keeping your place spotless of dust and debris can easily be done.